2011. november 28., hétfő

Pain of Love in English

I translated this story because my friend didn't speak in Hungarian but she curious for this story. :)

I'm just sitting on my bed and staring out the window into the big empty nothing. The silence is too big. I can hear only the hard rhythm of the rain knocking against the window. Only the lamps glimmer outside and tower lonely above the houses. The street that is always lively and full of life is now dead. Not a soul is out there.

Why did you go? Why did you leave me alone again? -these thoughts are swirling in my head incessantly and memories flash by. My last pictures of you, which slice through my mind like blades, cut the deepest wounds of my soul open, reminding me that you're still in my heart.
Your long hair tumbling gracefully onto your shoulders and sadness was shining in your eyes. I couldn't see that sweet pucker in the corner of your mouth like always when you smiled at me, and I loved so much, indeed I saw only your tired face that made my soul break in half. Your beautiful lips parted, you looked deep into my eyes, and said the words that cut in my soul like daggers, breaking it into pieces. "It's the end Bill."
I just stood frozen to the spot and couldn't utter a single sound. My heart hurt infinitely and I couldn't think straight. I wanted to scream. I wanted to fall on my knees and wanted to confess to you again and again that you mean the world to me and how much I love you. I don't want to lose you.
But no words left my mouth. I was looking at you mute and with begging eyes but without taking in the words of your angelic voice. I was just standing like a total loser and looked on without a word as you left both my room and my life. I knew it's the end. I lost you forever. And it's my own fault. Yes, it's my own fault that you won't be beside me any more. I can't hold you, I can't taste your sweet kisses, and can't see your angelic smile, that always cheered me up. I am a bloody coward. You were my treasure. My shining star, that lit up the darkness of my world. The brightest star of all. When you appeared on my the horizon, your brightness blinded me, lighting up my life. Now I sit here surrounded by darkness, blind again. Without you. I can't see anything anymore. I'm looking up at a dark and stormy sky again. A tear is forming in the corner of my eye, and slowly, like the raindrops on the windowpane, is rolling down my face.

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